Forest Vines

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  • The font used on the banner and buttons is called Inn Regular, and is available as freeware from Art Nine Designs.
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Images by Tiger Girl

About the Forest Vines Set
This set began as by first attempt at the fascinating, and often quite beautiful, concept of triple-background pages. I really love the way these bordered sets look -- like a card, or an invitation. And they're endlessly customizable. I'd love to make dozens of mix-n-match sets for a bunch of absolutely unique looks.

So, what happened to this one? Good question. I ran out of juice somewhere. However, I am rather proud of the Welcome banner and the navigational bar. These were hand drawn and mostly hand shaded -- no clipart used in either! Other than that... yeah, there's not much to it. But for a simple page with a natural theme it will work great. Enjoy!


Created October 2, 1999.

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