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Last updated June 18, 2000.
Credit: Info - The Thinker, Rodin

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Bundled onto this page are all the little extras that make the Web Trip unique. Did you think it was the graphics? Sure, that's part of it. A big part. There's enough beautiful graphic sets of jewels and elegance to cover the entire Web. These are the big sites with hundreds of sets to choose from . . . chances are if you're here, you've already been to them. What's unique about the Web Trip graphics is that no one set has anything in common with any other. Each one is its own special Trip. I'm not trying to look like anyone or anything other than the images that come to me and beg to be created. I use Photoshop and BladePro, but I try to use the usual effects sparingly, or in ways other than I've seen them used before. If you're looking for the darker, the louder, the rougher, or the more down-to-earth side of Web design, you've come to the right place.


"Linkwear" is an explanation of my personal rules for graphics use, and is a must-read before anyone downloads anything off this site. "Dedication" is my way of saying thanks to a wonderful woman who gave me the courage to do this all in the first place. Please take a moment to look at each, they're both very important to me.


Silver Shield Award

Dress Your Links In
Considerate Style!

On the one hand, these graphics are linkwear. It's high fashion for your pages and links! Decorate them as fashionably as you possibly can, because it's what people see that will make their impression of your page. Coordinating looks can do for a page what coordinating, fashionable clothes can do for a person.

At the same time, the sets are also linkware, a concept developed by many of the page-set developers on the Web right now. This means that these sets are free, provided you link back to the site from where you got them! An acknowledgement graphic is provided with each set, and the link must go back to the Web Trip's main page. An e-mail telling me who you are and where you're using my work would be great, too! Then I can link you here, and that increases hits for the both of us! Everybody wins.


Hey, Cyn? Thanks.

Without the help, support, and encouragement of my very special friend Small One, Tiger Girl would never have had the guts to put this site up, or even to start creating Web Sets in the first place. This is her, the pencil artwork around these words. Not physically what she looks like, but it's her art and there's bits of her scattered all through it.

Cyn told me she was an artist and graphic designer when we first met on Crescent City MUSH. But it wasn't until I saw all of these drawings of our characters there that I actually understood what a fabulous talent she has. She's a true artist with true imagination.

So, when she saw my efforts or graphic design for the first time, I was terribly anxious about what she would think. I had myself so prepared for a noncommittal, "good work" stamp. Was I ever overwhelmed when she praised and complimented the doodles I'd worked up! That was the first time I ever thought of myself as a graphic designer, when Cyn pronounced me one. It was almost sort of like becoming a Kiwanis Lion: 2B1C1. Like only another artist could turn me into one for real.

So thanks, honey. I figure with the both of us being such HTML addicts, there should be a slab o' code somewhere with a gush from me to you on it. Thanks for the adorable graphic link on your page, too. You're the sweetest! Here's to both of us on our way to Web-Divadom!


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