Cherry Pegasus

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About the Cherry Pegasus Set
The pegasus clipart has been calling to me ever since I got the Corel Gallery clipart CD! When I got BladePro, I knew I had to do something with the beautiful winged horse. Attempt after attempt to turn the outline (here in black) into a gem failed, until finally I got the idea of doing the inner space of the animal instead! The results are as you see here.
After Blood Red last time, I wonder if I'm on a black and red fetish of some kind. Or maybe I'm just seeing red because I'm still living at home and my family's driving me crazy! Either way, I seem to have found a theme for a little while.
There's a few new buttons in this set, as I figure anyone who's interested it in will be a fantasy buff just like me. I also broke down and did a few more of the "extras" that I had so much fun with in the earlier sets, but that I sort of wimped out on as of late. 'Scuse me for that, I just get so excited to get these graphics out there! Enjoy.


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Created August 12, 1999.

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