Night Sky
Night Sky

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  • The font used here is called Night Sky, and is available as freeware from Jason Fasi.

Welcome to the Stars
An alternate header graphic.
blank header graphic
A blank header graphic that you may fill in.

You will need to set up a table with a clear gif image on the left-hand side with width of 100, in order to use this background. Check my source code, and download the clear pixels gif.

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Images by Tiger Girl


About the Night Sky Set
This entire set is a celebration of this fun, fantastic font, Night Sky! The first place I saw it was -- naturally -- on my best friend Small One's page. Imagine my delight when I found it available for Mac at Kemosabe's Font Addict! For those of you PC users out there, it's dang hard to find original, quality Mac fonts for free online. It's hard to find much quality for free for Macs online! But all my designs are done on a Macintosh, so they can't be too crappy, right? Exactly.

Anyway, I hope Gregory Menorek gets to see this page eventually, and approves of it! Yup, it's Blade Pro'd up the wazoo. But nothing else will get the nice, glittery effect that I was hoping for. Don't forget to e-mail Tiger Girl if you decide to use this set.

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Created August 25, 1999.

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