Blood Red

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About the Blood Red Set
I will not make the joke about this set being "in a different vein". No, that's too low even for me. Though understand that I'm awfully tempted right now to do just that.
This set is one in a line of sets which I'm creating in an effort to beautify the Gothic Web. It's a line that started with Wrought Iron, but as you can see, this set isn't listed under the Tarnish section. Everyone gets tired of black now and then, so the second most popular choice for Goth web design is a nice, bloody crimson color. Use this set for an older, Inquisition sort of feel. Please use tables to corral your text when using a tiling background as vibrant as this one. It's easier on the eyes and it makes what you have to say easier to read. Please be nice, be tasteful, and look at your color choices once you have them done.
On a more technical note, this set is neither as intricate nor as complete as the other most recent sets. I admit, I sort of fell on my face after I'd done the background and the buttons. Yet simplicity has its place, too, so if your place is simple, think about using this set!
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: The background and cross graphics were made with help from a dingbat I got from Ann-S-Thesia's graphics and dingbats. The font is Ann's Seconds 2, which is a freeware dingbat font she provides. Massive cred to her!


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the book

Created August 10, 1999.

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