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Images by Tiger Girl


About the Tiger Girl's Couch

I love my new living room! I love my whole apartment, but especially my couch. It looks just like this, these colors, these pillows, this texture. JUST like this. I'm so pleased that it came out how I wanted! Now, I know that the candle round buttons look a bit like yellow bombs. But then again, so do round candles, don't they? So I suppose by that logic I did them exactly right. Right? Anyway, the candle theme was too good to resist, so all the buttons are mouseovers! If you View--> Source on this page, you'll see the list of all the names of the "on" and "off" graphics, right there at the top. Simply put those graphic names in after the couch/ in the URL, and then right-click and save as usual. Enjoy!


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Created January 14, 2000.

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