Girl Power
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About the Girl Power Set
When I first joined up on ChickPages, (the older version of this site) I went looking around to see what the other chicks in my Brainiacs pod had done. I was overwhelmed to find lots of pages with insights into all these cool, individual girls, all with disclaimers written over and over to the effect of "my page sucks, I suck, I'm really sorry". Come on, girls! Young women have been told so many times that it's normal for girls their age to have low self-esteem, that I think we're starting to develop it just to fit in! Claim your stuff, ladies. Claim your girldom! This set, with the pink barrettes we all used to wear, added to pink neon and the superstar decorations, is to be displayed with pride!

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Created June 22, 1999.
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