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Grey Day 2000

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Floral: The Irises of Geumappe, Heliette Wzgarda
Vibrant: Mad Rush, Diana Ong
Tarnish: Story of the Night: Jorge Alvaro
Metal: Funeral Mask of Tutankhamen, Egyptian Art
All images courtesy of SuperStock, Fine Art 2 CD

Welcome to the Trip!

Make a statement with your page! It's the representation of who you are to the world, and it should be made to shine. Flowers, jewels, ribbons and frills have their place, and you can find sets like that here if that's what you're after. But you can also find neon, plastic, chrome, and rock here, like you don't often find anywhere else. Come and trip with me! Explore the creative explosions of one designer's mind.

The Site

New awards were won June 18, 2000!
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The Sets

Floral sets are inspired by Nature and growing things, stylized for electronica.
Vibrant colors and strong themes bring energy to dynamic Web pages.
Metal and precious stones gleam here, adding sparkle and shine.
Tarnish touches life and the Web alike, and is reflected here.