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Clicking on any button above will take you to the rest of the set. For all the images necessary to create this interface, please download the ZIP file and unzip it onto your hard drive. Included are all the above grpahics and javascript graphics, as well as the HTML you'll need. The blank buttons below are also included so that you can customize your own buttons.

Blank "at rest" button.

Blank "pushed" button.
Provided above are the blank buttons on which to add your own text to make custom MouseOver buttons for the table. You may view the source and copy the code for this page, or visit this amazing utility: The Mighty MouseOver Machine. It will generate your MouseOver Javascript code, and even explain how it's done if you want to learn it on your own. It's fabulous, check it out!

The font used here is Scratch, available in Broderbund's PrintShop program.

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