Wrought Iron

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About the Wrought Iron Set
Flickering candles, barbed wire, dripping blood, rotating skulls. While maintaining the Vampire White Pages for almost four years now, I have seen the very worst in Gothic web design repeated over and over. I can't count how many times I've seen the flickering torch animated GIF, or the line that drips blood, or the cigarette-smoking skull. Well over half of the net-Goth sites are black backgrounds with red text and blue links.
Take a moment to see how much this hurts your eyes.
In the interest of prettying up the Gothic web, which is where I spend most of my browsing time, I hope to present a few more sedate sets with a darker theme. Wrought Iron is the first of these, very simple and incorporating the candlelit look that makes for a more intimate Web experience.

See This Set!



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Created July 2, 1999.
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